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    Safescan BV
    Heliumstraat 14
    The Netherlands

    Fax: +31 79 362 03 82

    Trade Register number: 2713.1933
    VAT identification number: NL009391241B01

    These provisions are applicable to the relationship between Safescan BV, hereinafter to be referred to as the Supplier, and the customer, including each distance agreement (“the agreement”) which comes into being between the Supplier and the customer.

    The goods displayed on the website ( form an invitation by the Supplier to the customer to make an offer to enter into a purchase agreement. After the customer has placed an order via the website or by telephone, the customer receives an order confirmation by email from the Supplier as quickly as possible. An order is an offer to the Supplier to purchase the good selected by the customer. The agreement between the Supplier and the customer comes into being after acceptance by the Supplier of the offer of the customer. The Supplier will notify the customer by email regarding the acceptance (order confirmation). The scope of the delivery obligation of the Supplier is determined exclusively by the order confirmation.

    3. PRICES
    3.1 All prices are in euros. The price is the price displayed on the website at the time the customer places the order, subject to printing and typing errors.
    3.2 The prices listed on the website are exclusive of BTW (Dutch VAT) and exclusive of shipping costs and any statutory contributions to be borne by the customer. The BTW, shipping costs and any statutory contributions will be calculated as specified during the ordering process. These will also be stated in the order confirmation.

    4. PAYMENT
    Payment will take place in advance in the manner stated on the website. The Supplier will not deliver the ordered good until its payment has been authorised.

    5.1 The delivery period or delivery date stated on the website is a best estimate. It remains an estimate, however, and this period or date is therefore not binding. The Supplier will attempt to comply with this period or date as much as possible. However, any overrun of the delivery period or delivery date will not grant the customer any right to terminate the agreement and/or demand compensation for loss.
    5.2 When part of an order is ready, the Supplier is authorised to offer this part for shipment, or to wait until the entire order is ready.

    6.1 The good ordered by the customer will be shipped to the delivery address stated in the order confirmation. Transportation will take place in a manner to be determined by the Supplier.
    6.2 Ownership of and risk of loss of the ordered good is transferred to the customer on delivery.

    7.1 The customer must check, immediately after delivery, whether the quantities of goods delivered are in accordance with the order confirmation. Any discrepancies between the order confirmation and that which has been delivered must be notified to the Supplier by email, within 24 hours.
    7.2 The customer must check the goods delivered immediately after delivery for visible faults. Visible faults must be notified to the Supplier by the customer by email, within 48 hours of delivery. If the visible fault is attributable to the Supplier, and assuming prompt notification as referred to above and return of the good by the customer, the Supplier will again present the ordered good for shipment, or will transfer the purchase amount back, including BTW, shipping costs and any statutory contributions paid. This will be at the choice of the Supplier.
    7.3 The customer will not return a good to the Supplier without a return merchandise authorisation (RMA). To obtain an RMA, the customer must follow the return instructions as described on the website. The return shipment of the good must have been received by the Supplier no later than 14 days after the RMA is issued.

    8.1 The customer is entitled to return the good ordered by the customer to the Supplier within 14 days of delivery. The Supplier will endeavour to return the purchase amount within 14 days of receipt of the good. The costs of shipment do not form part of the purchase amount within the meaning of this article. These costs and the costs for return shipment, respectively, will be borne by the customer. Condition for return transfer of the purchase amount is that the customer has handled the good and the packaging carefully. The customer must only unpack or use the good to the extent necessary in order to determine the nature, characteristics and operation of the good. The provisions in this paragraph do not affect the provisions in article 7.1 and 7.2.
    8.2 The customer will not return a good to the Supplier without an RMA. To obtain an RMA, the customer must follow the return instructions as described on the website. The return shipment of the good must have been received by the Supplier no later than 14 days after the RMA is issued.
    8.3 The moneyback guarantee referred to in article 8.1 does not apply to software supplied by the Supplier with regard to which (i) the seal has been broken or (ii) the software has been downloaded from the website. This software cannot be returned and the customer will not be entitled to return transfer of the purchase amount.
    8.4 Goods forming part of a bundle offer, in which respect a good has been offered for free on the purchase of one or more goods, whether different or the same, can only be returned together. If the customer returns a good from a bundle offer without returning the good received for free, the Supplier will be entitled nevertheless to charge the customer for the good received for free. The same applies if the customer has received a discount in the context of the purchase of multiple goods. If the customer returns one or more of these multiple goods, the Supplier will be entitled to withdraw the discount and nevertheless charge the amount corresponding to this to the customer.

    If the Supplier cannot meet its obligations, or can only meet them with difficulty, as a result of force majeure, it will be entitled wholly or partially to suspend or terminate the agreement with the customer without judicial intervention. In such cases, the obligations under the agreement will wholly or partially be ended, without the parties being entitled to claim any compensation for loss or any other benefit from one another. In the event of partial compliance by the Supplier, the Supplier will return transfer the part of the purchase amount pertaining to the part not complied with.

    10.1 The Supplier guarantees the proper functioning of the good supplied by it for a period which depends on the good in question. The duration of the guarantee period is listed on the website for each good. The website also states under which conditions the guarantee period can be extended. “Proper” means that the good possesses the properties which may be expected of it on the grounds of the agreement for the duration of the guarantee period listed on the website for each good. If the delivered good displays a fault during this period, the customer will be entitled to repair of the good under this guarantee. The Supplier can choose to replace the good with one which is at least equivalent, or restitution of the purchase price, rather than repair if repair cannot be expected of the Supplier in the Supplier’s opinion.
    10.2 With regard to the good repaired or replaced on the grounds of the first paragraph, the original commencement date of the guarantee period will remain applicable. A new guarantee period therefore does not commence for a repaired or replaced good.
    10.3. The guarantee referred to in the first paragraph does not cover faults and defects which are wholly or partially the result of:
    a. incorrect, careless or inexpert use, or noncompliance with operating instructions or maintenance rules;
    b. use in a manner other than that which is deemed normal use;
    c. external causes, such as fire damage or water damage;
    d. assembly, installation, or the reversal of these by parties other than the Supplier;
    e. the use of materials or goods which were provided by the customer to the Supplier for processing or which were used at the instructions or request of the customer;
    f. application of working methods and constructions according to the instructions of the customer;
    g. application of statutory regulation;
    h. modifications not authorised in writing by the Supplier which are realised by the customer or a third party in the products or in parts thereof which are supplied by the Supplier or are installed by or on behalf of the Supplier in the context of guarantee or maintenance.
    i. normal wear and tear;
    j. products or parts which the Supplier has sourced from a third party, inasmuch as the third party in question has not provided a guarantee to the Supplier.
    10.4 The guarantee referred to in the first paragraph will lapse in full if the customer does not meet its obligations to the Supplier fully, on time or properly, or if the customer repairs or remedies the good itself or has this carried out by a third party.
    10.5 Work and the costs of repairs outside the context of this guarantee will be charged by the Supplier in accordance with its customary fees.
    10.6 Legal actions pertaining to faults must be brought within six months of a complaint within the guarantee period referred to in the first paragraph, on penalty of forfeiture.
    10.7 If the Supplier deems it necessary in the context of the realisation of the guarantee obligations, the supplied goods will be transported by the customer and at the expense and risk of the customer to allocation to be determined by the Supplier.

    11.1 Any liability of the Supplier is limited to compliance with the guarantee described in article 10 and up to the amount paid out for the case in question under the liability insurance taken out by the Supplier.
    11.2 Except with regard to the provision in article 11.1, each liability of the Supplier is excluded.
    11.3 Without prejudice to the provision in article 7 paragraph 1 and article 7 paragraph 2 of these terms and conditions, each liability will lapse if the customer does not notify the Supplier in writing of the existence of a fault within five days of discovery of the fault or of the time at which any fault should reasonably have been discovered. This article has no effect on the provisions in article 7 paragraphs 1 and 2. This article only pertains to situations which are not covered by article 7 paragraphs 1 and 2.

    If the customer does not have an RMA, the Supplier will be entitled to refuse the return shipment of the customer. Taking receipt of a return shipment does not imply acknowledgement by the Supplier of the ground for return shipment stated by the customer. The risk pertaining to a return shipped good remains with the customer until the Supplier has received the returned good.

    To the extent that the client has concluded or participated in an agreement for the cloud service provided by the Supplier, the TimeMoto General Terms and Conditions, which can be found at, shall be applicable. A processing agreement as intended in article 28 par. 3 of the General Data Protection Regulation is also applicable to this cloud service. By concluding the agreement with regards to the cloud service, the client agrees to this processing agreement.

    14. GENERAL
    If one or more of the provisions in the agreement between the Supplier and the customer – including these general terms and conditions – are void or become legally invalid, the rest of the agreement will remain in force. The parties will consult with one another regarding the provisions which are void or are deemed legally invalid, in order to make a replacement arrangement.

    The obligations between the Supplier and the customer as referred to in article 1 will be subject to Netherlands law, to the exclusion of all other countries’ laws. Applicability of the Vienna Sales Convention (CISG) is ruled out.

    Correspondence addressed to the Supplier must be sent to Safescan BV, Zoetermeer (2718 SL), Heliumstraat 14, in the Netherlands

    17. GENERAL
    17.1 The headings above the articles in these terms and conditions only serve as an indication of the subjects to be covered by said articles. No rights may be derived from them.
    17.2 The failure by the Supplier to invoke these terms and conditions in any case does not imply a waiver of the right to do so at a later stage or in a subsequent case.
    17.3 Wherever applicable, the word “good” must also be read as “goods”, and vice versa.

    18. LANGUAGE
    These general terms and conditions are drawn up in the Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese languages. In the event of a dispute regarding the content or tenor of these general terms and conditions, the Dutch text will be binding.

    19. DISPUTES
    Any disputes which may occur in the context of the agreement to which these general terms and conditions are applicable, or in the context of subsequent agreements related to it may only be put before the competent court in The Hague.

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  • Terms of Use (“the website”) is a website of the private limited company Safescan B.V. (“Safescan B.V.”) with its registered office in Zoetermeer (2718 SL), at Heliumstraat 14, in the Netherlands, and with the email address By visiting the website, you are deemed to have read and accepted the terms of use (“Terms of Use”) below. If you do not agree to the terms of use, you must not visit or use the website.

    1. The content of the website and the terms of use can be amended by Safescan B.V. at all times, without it having to give any notice in this respect.

    2. Safescan B.V. does not guarantee that the website does not contain any information which is incorrect. No rights may be derived from the information on this website. Each use which you make of the information on this website is at your own risk. Safescan B.V. cannot be held liable for damage or loss which occurs or could occur as a result of the direct or indirect use of information on this website.

    3. Personal information provided or gathered via or in the context of this website will only be used in accordance with the privacy policy of Safescan B.V., as published on this website.

    4. Downloading or otherwise acquiring material through the use of this website takes place at your own discretion and risk. You yourself are responsible for any damage or loss to your computer system or loss of data arising from downloading such materials.

    5. The layout and design of the website and the information, texts, images, logos, photos and illustrations displayed on it are protected by intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyright. These intellectual property rights are held by Safescan B.V. It is not permitted to store the website or any part of it, use it for your own purposes, make it public, reproduce it and/or frame it without the written permission of Safescan B.V.

    6. The trade name right and the trademark right to the name Safescan and the trademark right for the Safescan logo are held by Solid Control Holding B.V. The use of the name Safescan and the Safescan logo is reserved exclusively for Solid Control Holding B.V., its group companies and licensees. Without the written permission of Solid Control B.V. it is explicitly forbidden to make use of the trade name and brand name Safescan and/or the Safescan logo.

    7. The terms of use are subject to Netherlands law. Any disputes arising from use of the website and/or the information derived from it can only be put before the competent court in The Hague (the Netherlands).

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  • Privacy Statement

    The website (“”) is owned and administered by Safescan BV. This policy, read in conjunction with the sales conditions, explains how Safescan may use the information we collect about you and what rights you have over the personal data we have on you which is in our possession. Please read this policy and our sales conditions and user conditions carefully; by visiting the website you confirm that you agree with these documents and have understood them.

    The information we receive from customers helps us personalise and constantly improve your shopping experience on
    We use the information to:

    1. process orders and to deliver products and services;
    2. process payments and discount coupons;
    3. communicate with you about orders, products, services and special offers;
    4. amend your data and keep the accounts you hold with us up to date;
    5. display content such as wish lists, customer assessments, product advice and product comparisons;
    6. recommend additional products and services which could possibly interest you;
    7. prevent or detect fraud or misuse of our website and to enable third parties to perform technical, logistic or other functions on our behalf.

    We receive and store information you enter on, such as name, delivery and invoice addresses, VAT number, town or city of residence, e-mail address, telephone number(s), details relating to your order, invoicing and payment and details concerning product registration and warranty or which you provide in another way.

    We receive and store certain types of information on moments in which you are in contact with us. For example, we make use, in common with many other websites and cookies. In this way we receive certain information when you visit via your web browser. There are companies which offer programmes which allow you to visit websites anonymously. We are then unable to offer you a personalised experience on since we do not recognize you, but we still want to inform you that such tools exist.

    To help us make our e-mails more useful and more interesting, we often receive a confirmation at the moment you open your e-mail, if your computer supports such a function. We compare our customer list with lists we receive from other companies in order to avoid sending unnecessary messages to our customers. If you do not want to receive e-mails or other mail from us, please make use of the unsubscribe option in the e-mail.

    Information about our customers is valuable for our company. We only save the information if we are still using it or if it is mandatory to retain the information. Once we no longer make use of the information and any legal retention period has expired, we shall remove the information. only shares information about customers with third parties in the way described below.

    We make use of other companies and persons who perform functions on our behalf. Examples of these functions include the processing of orders, delivery of packages, sending e-mail or post, removing duplicate information on the customer list, analysing data, offering marketing support, processing credit card payments and delivering customer service. These agents have access to the personal data which they need to perform these functions, but may not use this information for other purposes. In addition, they must process the personal data in compliance with our privacy statement and we have signed a processing contract with these parties.

    We sometimes send special offers to a select group of customers on behalf of another company. When we do this, we do not give your name and address to the company concerned. Make use of the unsubscribe option in the e-mail when you do not wish to receive such mails.

    We provide account details and other personal information when we are of the opinion that this is appropriate for complying with the law, to implement or amend our user conditions and other agreements, or to protect our rights, our property or the safety of, our users and others. If in some cases there is a processing relationship, we shall then conclude a processing agreement with this party. This also covers exchanging information with other companies and organisations for the protection against fraud and the limiting of credit risk. The following actions are not, of course, covered: selling, renting, sharing or making public in any other way personal data of customers for commercial purposes in any way that infringes the commitments made in this privacy statement.

    In all cases other than those stated above, you will be informed and your permission will be requested when information about you could possibly be shared with third parties. You can then choose not to share this information. You are entitled to withdraw your permission at any time by sending an e-mail to

    Safescan takes appropriate technical and organisational measures to secure personal data against loss or any form of unlawful processing. These measures offer an appropriate security level, taking into account the state of the technology, the implementation costs and also the nature, the scale, the context and the processing purposes. The measures are also intended to prevent unnecessary collection and further processing of personal data. The Person Responsible is entitled at all times to request an up-to-date summary of the organisational and technical security measures that Safescan undertakes to accomplish this appropriate level of security.

    When you register online, you can choose whether or not you want to receive the newsletter from Safescan. If you want to change your contact preferences, simply click on My Account in the bar at the top of the page and then on Contact Details. If you do not wish to receive any commercial communication from us, switch off the “receive Newsletter” option.

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    Cookies that are being used on the website:
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    In addition to the provisions in this Privacy Statement, the provisions in the Cookie Statement from Safescan also apply. The Cookie Statement states which cookies are used and what the purpose of those cookies is. The Cookie Statement can be consulted here.

    We shall never share your information with persons outside Safescan except in the following cases: if you give us permission to do so; if the law allows or demands this of us; with other companies who supply services to us; or to the legal successor of the company.

    The website can contain links to other websites where we have no control and where this policy does not apply. The administrators of these websites can collect information about you which they use in accordance with their policy, which possibly deviates from ours.

    This policy replaces all previous versions and is valid from 2018 onwards. We reserve the right to change this policy at any arbitrary moment.

    You can peruse and amend your data via the ‘My Account’ section of or you can request us for perusal of and rectification or deletion of the data collected by us or restriction of the processing concerned. Furthermore, you can raise an objection to the processing and request transfer of the data.

    You can send such a request to In addition, you can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority if you have a complaint.

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