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Point-of-Sale Solutions

  • Secure, Practical POS Solutions

    Safescan’s range of cash register drawers feature high-quality steel construction and a variety of options to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses. Whether light-duty drawers for businesses with minimal foot traffic or standard-duty drawers for busier retail environments, Safescan’s variety of tray options, opening features and drawer types will meet your point-of-sale needs.

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  • What’s in a Cash Drawer?

    Today’s cash drawers go beyond merely being a storage box for cash – Safescan’s cash drawers include a variety of features to sensibly and securely organize cash in order to avoid loss and shrinkage related to cash handling errors. The cash drawer’s secure outer steel casing and multi-function lock limits access and provides security. The shatterproof inner tray (also known as a “till”) features multiple compartments for storing and organizing bills and coins. Media slots in the front of the sliding drawer allow high-value bills to be tucked away out of sight while robust sliding mechanisms allow the drawer to smoothly glide open.

  • Quality Construction

    Safescan’s cash drawers are designated as either light-duty, standard-duty, or heavy-duty. While every Safescan cash drawer delivers the same quality construction, with an outer casing made of premium steel and interior shatterproof PVC trays, the more robust models are equipped with steel and ball-bearing sliding mechanisms that are designed to handle the greater number of openings and closings typically associated with high-traffic environments.

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  • Electrical and Manual Operation

    Every Safescan cash drawer offers the security and convenience of both electrical and manual operation. In manual operation, opening the drawer is as simple as inserting and turning the key. When using electrical operation, the supplied RJ-12 cable is plugged into your POS system and the key is turned to the “electrical / online” position. Depending on how the POS system is set up, the cash drawer will automatically open when a sale is entered or when a receipt begins to print. Safescan’s SD-4141 and SD-3540 Standard Duty cash drawers also include an easy-push opening feature – when the key is turned to the “electrical / online” position, the user can open the drawer by a simple push against it.

  • Multi-Position and Multi-Function Locks

    Safescan’s cash drawers are equipped with 3-position and 4-function locks. In manual operation, the key is turned to position 1 which causes the drawer to open. In electrical operation, the key is turned to position 2. In position 2, the key can be removed and the drawer will automatically open when triggered by the POS system or receipt printer. In position 3, the drawer is locked – when the key is removed while in position 3, the drawer cannot be opened. The drawer features a fourth function allowing the drawer to be “locked open” in position 3 meaning that that the drawer cannot be closed.

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  • Added Security with Discrete POS Safes

    Safescan’s POS safes feature a robust, all-steel construction and they can be discretely mounted below your POS desk. Large denomination bills and regular cash drops can be safely stored until the end of the business day. Safescan’s POS safes feature a dual key security system – one key removes the safe from its mounting bracket while the other key opens the POS safe’s storage cassette.