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    Cookie Statement
    This Cookie Statement from Safescan BV describes which cookies Safescan BV is using on its Websites and Applications and for what purposes these cookies are used. We recommend that you read this Cookie Statement carefully.

    What are cookies?
    Cookies are text files that contain small amounts of information which are downloaded and stored on your pc, mobile or any other device that you use to visit a website. With each subsequent visit these cookies will be sent back to the website that sent them or to another website that recognizes these cookies. Cookies are useful as they ensure that the website can recognize the device of the its users.

    What type of cookies do we use?

    Strictly necessary cookies
    These cookies are essential to support you with services available on our website, and to enable you to use certain features on our website. Without these cookies we cannot support you with these services on our website. These cookies are stored for a maximum of 2 years – after that they will be deleted automatically.

    Functional Cookies
    These functional cookies ensure that our Websites and Applications function properly. These cookies are stored for a maximum of 2 years – after that they will be deleted automatically. The following functions are examples of what is possible with these cookies:

    • saving products that you have placed in your shopping cart and being able to pay for your order;
    • saving default settings such as country or language;
    • saving settings for an optimal video display, for example the desired buffer size and the resolution data of your screen;
    • determining your browser settings in order to optimally display our Websites and Applications on your screen;
    • recognizing abuse of our websites and services, for example through several consecutive registrations or multiple failed login attempts.

    You have the option to block the placement of these cookies and to delete previously placed cookies by changing your preferences here. You can find more information about disabling cookies under the browser settings section on this page. We would like to point out that certain functionalities on our Websites and Applications will no longer be available or only to a limited extent, if you do not allow these functional cookies.

    Analytical Cookies
    In order to determine which content on our Websites and Applications are most interesting to you, Google continuously measures the number of visitors as well as the content that is viewed most often, on behalf of Safescan. We use the collected data for statistical purposes, for example:

    • for determining the number of visitors to our Websites and Applications;
    • for determining the separate visit duration of the visitors to our Websites and Applications;
    • for determining the order of visit of the various Websites and Applications;
    • for assessing which parts of our Websites and Applications must be adjusted; or
    • for optimization of the Websites and Applications.

    We use the following services for statistical purposes, which you can deactivate by placing an opt-out cookie or following a link:

    Google Analytics
    Google Tag Manager

    Marketing Cookies
    Cookies from third parties are placed on the Websites and Applications. For example, when displaying videos that come from third-party websites, such as YouTube. These third parties place cookies that make it possible to show you the videos. In addition, cookies can be placed that are used to track your surfing behavior across multiple websites and to build a profile of your surfing behavior. These cookies are stored for a maximum of 2 years.

    Access to various social media is also provided via the Website and the Applications, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. With the help of these so-called social plug-ins you can share information on the website with others or recommend it. When you come to a webpage on which the social plug-ins of these social media are displayed, third-party cookies are placed on your device. These cookies collect, among other things, information about your browser and the websites that you have visited with your IP address.

    The use of cookies placed on the Websites and Applications via the videos and / or social plug-ins, for example, is subject to further conditions of third parties. Safescan BV accepts no responsibility or liability for the terms and conditions of third parties. Safescan BV refers you to the conditions of the relevant parties that are listed below:


    Safescan BV uses re-targeting / re-marketing technologies on its Websites and Applications. The purpose of this technology is to be able to make customized offers, including the display of advertisements on different websites on the internet. To achieve this, Safescan BV places cookies and / or device IDs on your device that make it possible to analyze your surfing behavior and build up a profile of your surfing behavior. Safescan uses the following network:

    • Google Analytics for re-marketing via the Google network, with whom this data is shared.
    Unsubscribe from the Google Marketing Platform.

    The data collected with the help of Google Analytics, in addition to the purposes stated under the section "Analytical cookies", is also used to display customized advertisements if you have indicated this in the cookie preferences. These cookies are stored for a maximum of 2 years.

    Change Cookie preferences
    If you want to change your cookie preferences, you can do so via Change Preferences.

    Browser settings
    If you do not want websites to be able to store cookies on your computer, you can decline the cookies from the Websites and Applications or adjust your browser settings. In the latter case you will receive a warning before cookies are placed. You can also adjust your settings so that your browser refuses all cookies or only cookies from third parties. You can also delete cookies that were previously placed. Note that you must adjust the settings separately for each browser on each device that you use. We would like to notify you that if you do not wish to use cookies, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that our online store will function correctly. It is possible that some functions of the Websites and Applications will be lost or that you will not see certain pages. Click on one of the links below to go directly to the manual of your browser or consult the help function of your browser if necessary.

    Internet Explorer Edge

    If you want to disable cookies from specific parties, you can do so via

    Safescan’s privacy policy
    With the use of some cookies, personal data is also processed as is explained above. In our privacy statement you will find more information about how Safescan BV handles your data.

    This Cookie Statement can be changed at any time. Changes to this Cookie Statement will be announced via the Safescan Websites and Applications.

    Version: July 2019