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  • Warranty period

    All our products are manufactured to stringent quality and safety standards. We offer a 3-year warranty for many of our products* after registration of your product.

    *Warranty is available for all Safescan products except the Safescan 20, 30, 35, RF-100, RF-110, Safescan and TimeMoto software and consumables such as UV lamps, batteries, coin tubes, USB cables, coin cups, lids, brackets and trays.

  • Product registration

    We hope you will enjoy your Safescan purchase to its fullest! Maximize your value by registering your product. Registration has the following benefits:

    • Free software updates and product information
    • 3-year extended warranty and support
    • Ability to share your suggestions as part of our product improvement panel

    To receive the 3-year extended warranty, log into your existing Safescan account (or create a new one) at, then click on the “Register” link in your profile (or surf to within 30 days of purchase. Enter the purchase date, invoice number, model number, and serial number for your product. The extended warranty begins on the date of purchase.

    Click here to register your product

  • Repair request

    If your product is not functioning properly, we will do everything we can to fix it as quickly as possible. Our in-house repair department will professionally repair your product, in the shortest possible time. If your product becomes defective within the warranty period, we will repair it free of charge. If the item is no longer under warranty, we will provide a no-obligation quote for repairs. (Please note that you will need to pay the cost of shipping the item to us.)

    The repair request process

    1.Go to and log in to your Safescan account (or create one, if you don’t already have one).
    2. If you purchased your item using your Safescan account, go to your order history and click on the “return request” option. Complete the form to submit your request.
    3. If you purchased your Safescan product from one of our authorized dealers, go to “My RMAs” and fill in the form to submit your request. (You will need your purchase invoice or receipt for this.)
    4. We will contact you by e-mail as quickly as we can with further instructions on how to return your product. These instructions will include your return label and unique RMA return number. Please wait for these instructions before returning your product to us; without both the return label and RMA number, we cannot accept your return.

    To ease the returns process, we offer a pickup service at greatly reduced rates. If you would like to use this service, please select it when you fill out the return form. You will receive clear instructions on payment and pickup.

  • CE certification

    Our products meet all applicable European safety guidelines. Please contact our customer care department to request a copy of the CE Declaration of Conformity (DoC) for any product.

    CE stands for Conformité Européenne, and this mark indicates compliance with EU product legislation.

  • WEEE Regulations

    Safescan is committed to manufacturing products that have a minimal impact on the environment. As part of this commitment, we embrace the WEEE European Directive. WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. In line with WEEE objectives, our design process for each new product includes the following considerations:

    • durability and long product life
    • ease of disassembly and recycling
    • identification of plastic material
    • energy-saving features
    • reduced use of hazardous substances
    • use of recycled material and reuse of parts

    In addition, our WEEE team monitors the introduction of legislation in individual European countries, in particular the recycling targets that member states must meet. For example, the WEEE Directive became UK legislation in January 2007. Our entire organization worked hard to fulfill the requirements:

    • We ensured that all new products carry the appropriate WEEE marking.
    • We developed internal systems to ensure that all data requirements can be met.
    • We became a member of the Environment Agency’s Producer Compliance Scheme to meet our obligations for UK business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions.
    • We formed relationships with appropriate partners in recycling, logistics and refurbishment to ensure that we can provide a take-back service, should any of our UK customers require it.

    Thanks to the groundwork laid here, we also meet all our obligations for business-to-business (B2B) transactions, and our framework can be tailored to meet individual customers’ needs as part of our commitment to a healthy environment.

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