Celebrating Ten Years Time


    In 2009 Safescan created its very first line of time and attendance products. Starting with a small selection of devices that quickly grew to a complete product line of advanced time clock systems, workforce management software and cloud solutions.

    Now 10 years later, our product line has grown to a complete brand with advanced clocking solutions and online time management tools. With the implementation of the new European time registration ruling the need for reliable time management systems is higher than ever.

    The European Court of Justice has ruled that all companies within the European member states must set up an objective, reliable and accessible system that tracks the time worked for each employee, to ensure that labor laws are being complied to. As a result of this ruling we have seen a big growth in the demand for systems such as TimeMoto which can help you comply to the new rules.

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    TimeMoto offers the ultimate solution to reliably register working hours and manage your workforce. Our intelligent time clock systems provide easy and accurate clocking using advanced methods such as RFID, fingerprint and face recognition. Combined with the TimeMoto Cloud application you can manage and monitor working hour in real-time no matter where your are. We offer complete solutions are accurate, reliable and extremely flexible, so there is always a solution that best suits your business.

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