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TimeMoto PC Software

  • Get Control of Your Workforce with TimeMoto PC Software

    TimeMoto PC software is a comprehensive PC-based package designed to help you manage your workforce. TimeMoto PC Software represents excellent value and is included with the purchase of each TimeMoto time clock terminal. TimeMoto PC Software includes a multitude of comprehensive reports, functions and management tools. Create reports for the month, week or day and filter them by employee or department. Set up detailed overtime rules using the built-in pay-class feature and let the system automatically calculate your overtime. Export your reports to PDF, Excel or CSV. Create schedules and assign them to employees. Use project codes to track time spent on specific tasks. TimeMoto PC Software’s insightful tools and reporting will help you more efficiently manage your workforce.

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  • The Advantage of Real-Time Data

    As employees enter or exit your facility, their data is recorded in real time, providing you with an instant head count. This attendance overview not only helps you manage workflow, but also allows you to know exactly who is on the premises during an emergency.

  • Convenient HRM Integration

    TimeMoto PC Software can act as a resource and help organize employee data. Employee names, contact information, work schedules and more can all be stored in the TimeMoto PC software and edited whenever necessary.

  • Efficiently Manage Workforce Scheduling

    TimeMoto PC Software allows you to create multiple work schedules and assign them to employees as needed. Scheduled hours can then be viewed in the management reports and compared to the actual hours worked. Detailed overtime rules can also be entered into TimeMoto PC’s pay classes and used to calculate overtime automatically.

  • Track Project Hours

    Define project codes in TimeMoto PC Software for specific projects or tasks that your employees are assigned to. Employees can then punch in and out at the TimeMoto time clock terminal using these project codes – allowing you to calculate the exact amount of time your staff spent working on each project or task.

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  • Easy Connection To Time Clock Terminal Via Your Network

    TimeMoto PC software is designed for single PC and single time clock terminal use.* Software and time clock terminal installation is simple – once installed, the connection between TimeMoto PC Software and the time clock is easy to establish using TimeMoto PC’s built-in search function. Data then transfers from the time clock to TimeMoto PC across your network in real time.

  • Increase Efficiency and Convenience with TimeMoto PC Plus Software

    TimeMoto’s PC Plus software contains the entire suite of comprehensive reporting and management tools contained in the standard version of the PC software. TimeMoto PC Plus Software adds extra features to help manage your workforce. Assign color codes to projects, use the included payment report to estimate gross pay or check the clock grid to get a quick overview of your employees.

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  • Flexible Scheduling and Planning Tools

    TimeMoto PC Plus software allows different shift schedules to be defined and stored in the system. Flexible schedules can then be created for each employee by dragging and dropping shift schedules by day to each employee. Sick leave and vacation can also be managed using this simplified drag and drop feature.