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Summer-proof your business with Safescan!

Summer is around the corner! As the temperature rises, so does the demand on restaurants, terraces, and shops. Learn how our solutions can boost your efficiency, increase your security, and help you successfully manage your cash during peak season.

Safeguarding your cash

An increase in customers often comes with an increase in cash. It is therefore key that you correctly manage your cash verification and transactions. Especially when you are training new or seasonal staff. By implementing an automatic counterfeit detector into your sales environment, you can take all the work and worry away from you and your team. All you have to do is insert the banknote and let the detector tell you if it is real or not. It's that easy!

Once you have verified the authenticity of your cash, it is important that you store it away safely. Installing a reliable cash drawer underneath your counter is a good place to start. These robust solutions keep your cash organised, safe, and out of sight. You can further increase your cash security by regularly skimming your money into separate pos safes. By storing your high-value denominations separately, you avoid the risk of all you cash being compromised at once.

Automating your cash procedures

After busy and demanding days, accurately counting and processing your cash can be very time consuming. When your staff is tired and their focus has decreased, it can become easier to make mistakes. Correcting these mistakes then costs extra time, and even money. By automating your cash counting process, you not only save a lot of valuable time, but you also avoid mistakes and discrepancies within your administration. Dependent on your business, coin counters, banknote counters, and money counting scales can offer the perfect solution. Not only do they count all your cash in no-time, but most of them can also print and export the results. Making it that much easier and faster to do your administration.

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