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Discover the new and improved Safescan 2265!

The Safescan 2265 has gotten a makeover! The best-selling banknote counter has been redesigned to make its appearance and usability even better. Let's dive deeper and learn more about the applied changes, improvements, and upgrades.

Bigger & better display

The Safescan 2265 has been upgraded with an improved screen and nicer buttons, to boost your user experience. Its enlarged screen now offers more clarity and contrast, so it is easier to view your results and settings. No matter where you are, or how well lit your workspace is. The redesigned front panel and buttons not only look and feel more refined, but also limit the appearance of dirt and fingerprints. Providing you with an even better and smoother counting process.

Same trusted features & quality

Even though the outside of the Safescan 2265 has changed, the inside has not. It still offers the same reliable and trusted counting systems as before. Providing you with all the features you need.

The Safescan 2265 quickly and accurately value counts and verifies both unsorted Euro banknotes and British Pounds. It can even count sorted banknotes for all other currencies, create batches, and show detailed reports. Perfect for when you need to process large stacks of cash often. Once the counting session is complete, the Safescan 2265 can easily share, print, or export your results with one of our custom accessories. A flexible solution, that saves you valuable time.

Greener packaging & support

The new Safescan 2265 is greener as it is now packed in an environmentally friendly brown box. This not only reduces the energy required for multiple printing rounds, but also makes the box easier to recycle compared to full colour versions. We have further improved the sustainability of the banknote counter by removing the printed manual from the box. Instead, you can now find the manual and many additional support articles and videos in our online support center. This makes it easier for you to get the support that you need, while saving a lot of paper. Helping both you and our planet!

Interested in the Safescan 2265? If you order it now, it will already be fully compatible with all the latest banknotes, including the new British Pounds featuring King Charles III. Want to keep looking? Simply click here to discover all our banknote counting solutions.

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