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The votes are in! Meet the chosen Euro themes.

After an extensive research period, the European Central Bank has revealed the chosen themes for the possible new Euro banknotes. Moving away from bridges, and embracing the European culture, nature, and values. Learn more about your future cash, today.

Selecting the themes

The European Central Bank has commissioned two different surveys. The first survey was held amongst a sample of 23.377 Europeans from different countries and regions. Within this sample the themes European Culture (21%), Rivers: The Waters Of Life In Europe (18%), and Birds: Free, Resilient, Inspiring (17%), were the most popular.

The second survey was commissioned online and open to the public. In total 365.000 people have casted their votes and showed their preference for the same three themes as the selected sample. The other shortlisted themes received significantly less votes, showing a clear preference for themes about culture and nature. As the themes Rivers: The Waters Of Life In Europe and Birds: Free, Resilient, Inspiring, share common similarities, the Governing Council has approved the decision to combine them into one theme: Rivers and Birds.

The theme European Culture captures how the dynamic, creative and cultural heritage of Europe strengthen its identity and forge a shared sense of belonging. Promoting common values, inclusivity, and shared dialogue to bring people together.

The theme Rivers and Birds captures the European freedom. It shows how birds and rivers cross different countries and regions without being limited by borders. Reminding people all over the continent of their common values and how they must nurture them and their environment. Sharing common goals.

Designing the new banknotes

Now that the possible themes have been selected, the European Central Bank will start the selection process of different motifs that best represent them. Once the motifs have been selected, they will prepare and open a design competition.

The Governing Council is expected to choose the designs in 2026. After that, they will decide if they are actually going to produce and issue the new banknotes. If they make the decision to move forward with the production, it will still take some years for the banknotes to be released and used.

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