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You decide! Vote on your favourite Euro theme.

After an extensive research period, the European Central Bank has revealed the chosen themes for the possible new Euro banknotes. Moving away from bridges, and embracing the European culture, nature, and values. Learn more about your future cash, today.

Creating the new Euro

The European Central Bank works closely together with all separate national banks to ensure that everybody has access to cash, and has the ability to use it safely. Without fearing the acceptance of counterfeits. As banknotes are the most counterfeited form of cash (due to their high value) the European Central Bank has decided to introduce a new range of banknotes, that are even more secure, efficient and sustainable. But what goes into designing and releasing a new banknote range?

It all started in 2021 when the Governing Council approved the proposal to redesign the Euro banknotes. They then researched possible design themes amongst the European public, and created a shortlist together with the Theme Advisory Group. Which brings us to where we are now.

Casting your vote

The Governing Council has created the final shortlist of seven design themes for the new banknotes. All themes represent some or most of the six European Union values which are human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of lay, and human rights. Resulting in a shortlist of themes that include: ''Birds: Free, Resilient, Inspiring'', ''Hands: Together We Build Europe'', ''Rivers: The Waters Of Live In Europe'', ''European Culture'', ''Our Europe, Ourselves'', ''The Future Is Yours'', and ''European Values Mirrored In Nature''. Learn more about the selected themes, participate in the survey and vote for your favourite theme via the European Central Bank.

Taking the next step

Once the results of the survey are in, the Governing Council will choose the final theme, select motifs that match the theme, and launch the design competition. After that, they will create a shortlist of designs submitted in the competition and initiate a survey amongst the public to learn more about their preferences. Then all the way in 2026, the Governing Council will choose the final banknote designs.

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The European Central Bank has revealed the selected themes for the possible new banknotes. Learn more about your future cash, today.
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