TimeMoto Cloud 

  • TimeMoto’s Award-Winning Cloud Software

    TimeMoto Cloud offers comprehensive employee time tracking together with an integrated suite of powerful reporting tools. Employees can punch in and out at a TimeMoto time clock at any location – or use TimeMoto’s smartphone app to punch in or out from anywhere. TimeMoto data is transmitted in real time allowing you to immediately see who is working and where they punched in. TimeMoto is powered by the cloud – meaning that there is no software to install. Simply log in and immediately begin working with the system. Managing your employees has never been simpler.

  • User Types & Access Levels

    TimeMoto Cloud allows for a variety of different user types and access levels. System administrators can view and edit all reports and employee data. Managers can view and edit report data for only those employees assigned to their department or location. Cloud users can punch in and out at the time clock terminal and, if so desired, be enabled to view their own data by logging into the cloud. Remote punching in and out using the TimeMoto Cloud smartphone app can be enabled for employees as needed.

  • Real-Time Employee Tracking

    TimeMoto Cloud’s advanced push technology results in near instant data transfer – as soon as an employee punches in or out at a time clock terminal or using the smartphone app, the system will be immediately updated. You’ll know right away who is working and where they are – and you can view this data on your phone or any device with a web browser that is connected to the internet.

  • Convenient HRM Integration

    TimeMoto Cloud can act as a resource and help organize employee data. Employee names, contact information, work schedules and more can all be stored securely in TimeMoto Cloud and edited whenever necessary.

  • Comprehensive Scheduling Tools

    Create schedules for your employees based on fixed times per day or a generic number of hours per day. Choose whether employees should punch in and out for breaks or have the system automatically deduct them. Choose TimeMoto Cloud and take advantage of the advanced planning tool that allows flexible schedules to be added by day or to easily enter sick leave or vacation time.

  • Use With Multiple Time Clock Terminals and Mobile Devices

    TimeMoto Cloud supports multiple terminal use – which means that time clock terminals can be installed at every building entrance to make employee punching in and out easy. Time clock terminals can be installed at different offices across the city or even the country – the only requirement to install a time clock is a network connection to the internet. For the ultimate in flexibility, employees on the go can punch in and out using TimeMoto Cloud’s smartphone app.

  • Data Privacy and Security

    Data transmitted between TimeMoto Cloud and the time clock terminals is encrypted using advanced security protocols and transmitted over a secure link to ensure that sensitive information is kept private and secure. TimeMoto Cloud is housed on secure and redundant servers to guard against any data loss. Even if you lose your internet connection, TimeMoto Cloud’s protocols ensure that any data stored on the local time clock terminal will be transmitted to the cloud as soon as the internet connection has been reestablished.

  • Your Scalable Software Solution

    TimeMoto Cloud’s scalability makes it the perfect solution for rapidly growing businesses or those with changing needs. Time clock terminals can easily be added as needed as new locations are added to your business. Additional user licenses can easily be purchased to handle expanding headcount. New departments or locations can be added in the system at any time. TimeMoto Cloud is flexible, scalable and extremely powerful. Use TimeMoto Cloud’s advanced management and reporting tools to stay ahead of any changes in your workforce.