Time Clock Systems 

  • TimeMoto’s Advanced RFID and Biometric Time Clock Terminals

    TimeMoto’s time clock terminals feature advanced technology paired with a comprehensive cloud solution for fast, convenient, and accurate tracking of your workforce. Our range of time clock terminals offers employers the choice of having their staff punch in using RFID, biometric scan (fingerprint or facial recognition) or PIN-number. Manage your staff using the suite of tools in TimeMoto’s award-winning TimeMoto Cloud package.

  • RFID Technology

    Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology is widespread – it is the same technology used for bus passes, school IDs and credit cards. There are two elements to an RFID system – an RFID reader and an RFID tag. TimeMoto’s time clock terminals are all equipped with RFID readers. TimeMoto’s RFID cards and key fobs act as the RFID tags. The reader contained in TimeMoto’s time clocks sends out a 125KHz signal using the EM standard. When a TimeMoto RFID card is held up to the reader, the signal emanating from the reader energizes the antenna contained in the RFID card. The RFID card then answers the reader and provides its unique ID data. The ID data on the card is then verified by the reader and a system log entry is generated.

  • RFID and TimeMoto

    Each TimeMoto RFID card or key fob contains an individual numeric code – which makes each RFID card and key fob unique. Each employee in the TimeMoto system can be assigned an RFID card or key fob. Each time the employee holds the RFID card up to the time clock terminal, the system will recognize the RFID card and create an appropriate system log entry that shows the employee’s RFID data, date, time and whether the employee is punching in or out.

  • Fingerprint Scanning Technology

    The use of fingerprint technology together with time clock terminals provides the highest level of security. Fingerprints are unique – which means that no two people will have the same fingerprint. Fingerprints are also very easy to use – new employees can scan their fingerprints at the time clock terminal and have them saved into the system. After registering their fingerprints, punching in and out at the time clock is as easy as holding a finger up to the scanner. The system totally eliminates buddy punching and the problems associated with lost or misplaced cards.

  • Preserving Personal Privacy

    New legal requirements and employee concerns about the privacy of their data are a source of concern for many employers. TimeMoto addresses these concerns by making certain that no actual fingerprint scans are stored in either the time clock terminals or in the system. At the time that a fingerprint is scanned, the scanner measures different points on the finger and an algorithm converts the distances, curves and angles between these points into a complex number. Only this complex number is stored in the system – ensuring that nobody can retrieve a fingerprint from the TimeMoto system or time clock terminal.

  • Intelligent Time Attendance Tracking

    TimeMoto’s comprehensive software offers much more than just being able to view when employees punch in and out of work. TimeMoto’s Cloud solutions offer the ability to create work schedules, set rules for overtime calculation, track hours that employees spend working on projects, immediately view employee attendance and much more. TimeMoto’s powerful reporting will help you more efficiently manage your workforce.