Counting Money By Weight

  • Safescan Delivers Fast, Reliable Money Counting Solutions

    Safescan’s range of money counting scales can count both coins and bills – enabling you to count out a complete cash register drawer in 2 minutes or less. These precision scales reduce errors and greatly speed the daily counting process, which saves you both time and money.

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  • What is Weight-Based Money Counting?

    Money scales have been in use by retail, quick-serve restaurant and convenience/fueling businesses for years and have proven to be convenient, quick and highly accurate. The precision load cell inside the scale’s body measures the weight of the bills and coins placed on the scale’s platform. This weight data is cross-checked against a detailed table of bill and coin weights stored in the scale’s memory. Safescan’s money counting scales support a number of different currencies and are able to count a variety of cash items, including loose coins, loose bills, coin rolls, bill bundles and more.

  • Precision Performance

    To achieve the exceptional precision required for the accurate counting of bills and coins, Safescan created complex mathematical algorithms that work in unison with extensive currency weight tables. This technology was then combined with extensive testing to ensure precision and accuracy during each and every count. The Safescan 6165 and 6185 Money Counting Scales are even able to account for the minor differences in weight between old bills and new bills – older bills actually weigh slightly more than new ones due to the accumulation of dirt and grime during their life cycle.

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  • Incredible Efficiency

    Weight-based money counting is just as accurate as counting money with a traditional bill counter – but with the added bonus that a money scale can also count coins. Safescan’s 6165 and 6185 money scales allow you to count out a cash register drawer in two minutes or less – which is 6 times faster than counting it manually. Even faster counting is possible when smart accessories like removable cash drawer coin cups are used together with Safescan’s money counting scales. Both the 6165 and 6185 money counting scales can be programmed to accept the coin cups that came with your cash drawer.

  • Enjoy Speed and Convenience with Safescan

    Money counting scales offer a complete solution for counting both bills and coins. Traditional bill counters can’t count coins and coin counters can’t count bills, but Safescan’s money counting scales can do both. Safescan’s 6185 even offers the ability to manually enter values for checks and credit cards, enter a reference number for a count and count items like vouchers or tokens. All Safescan money counting scales can export data to Safescan’s MCS Money Counting Software providing you with total integration.

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