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Optimise your cash flow at events and festivals.

The festival season is fully underway, which means that business all over the world are moving around to different events, offering their products and services. Long days, high demand, and locational limitations can make it challenging to correctly implement and follow cash related checks and protocols. Find out how Safescan can help you optimise your procedures while also saving you valuable time.

Performing the correct checks

Busy crowds and growing queues can create a chaotic atmosphere when dealing with cash transactions. When a lot of customers need to be helped quickly, cash verification can take too long or even be forgotten. Unfortunately, this is exactly what fraudsters thrive on. They target festivals to spend counterfeit money and damage your business. By implementing a counterfeit detector into your sales environment, you can stop them before they even get a chance. You even use detectors with ultraviolet light to not only verify banknotes but also identification documents and entrance stamps. Securing any regulations along with your cash.

Keeping your cash safe

Once you know that the cash in your hand is secure, it is important to store it somewhere safe and out of sight. Storing your money in lockable cash drawers or cash boxes is a great start, but when dealing with accumulating amounts of cash, it is also advised to regularly skim your money into separate pos safes. By storing your larger denominations in a separate location, you avoid the risk of all your cash being compromised at once.

Optimising your counting process

When the business day and festivities are coming to an end, you are often left with a limited time to close and cash up. However, an accurate money count is highly important, not only to calculate the revenue of the day, but also to avoid any mistakes or discrepancies in your administration. Our banknote counters, coin counters, and money counting scales, are the perfect tools to help you cash up accurately, efficiently, and discretely. Eliminating the chances of error, minimizing the exposure of cash and simplifying your administration.

Safeguarding your cash transport

Once you are completely done and ready, it is crucial to either store or transport your cash safely. If you are expecting to accumulate large sums of high value cash, it is advised to work together with a cash transit company. Certain festivals might have cash transport options in place, but if not, it is good to research your options. By doing so you are securing a reliable and professional transport of your money, while keeping your staff and business safe.

By implementing these tips, tricks, and tools, you can attend your events with confidence knowing that your cash is verified, accurately counted, and stored and transported safely. You are ready for festival season!

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