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Prepare your business for the Christmas peak.

Christmas is around the corner, which means busy days and long hours for businesses all over the world. When dealing with the holiday preparations, growing queues, and demanding customers, it can become difficult to focus on security checks and procedures. Leaving your business vulnerable to fraud and financial losses. Find out how you can protect your business against possible damages in just three steps.

Gaining knowledge

There are key elements to improving your cash verification process. The first one is knowledge. By educating yourself and your team about the current developments in the counterfeit market, you will increase your security significantly. Our website not only provides you with instructions on how to best check the authenticity of coins and banknotes, but it also contains information on which currencies are counterfeited most and need to be checked extra carefully. Simply click here to learn more.

Increasing your security

Even though knowledge is power, you do need some help to fully protect yourself against counterfeits, as the naked eye cannot see everything. Our technology advances everyday, as are the tools that fraudsters use. It is therefore important that you have a solution that is just as advanced as theirs. By implementing an intelligent counterfeit detection system, you can detect and stop even the most sophisticated counterfeits. Giving fraudsters no chance of succeeding and harming your business, while saving yourself and your customers valuable time.

Creating a safe plan

The final element of optimising your cash verification system is to have a safe plan. By having the correct insurances and procedures in place, you will minimise any possible counterfeit damages done to your business. Make sure that you and your team know what to do if a counterfeit cash does get accepted, by checking your insurance coverage and local government rules.

By implementing and optimising these three key elements you make sure that you, your team and your business are protected during the holidays, making them happier for all!

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